Should I Dance in The Dark?

When I see colors and cool design, I’m like a kid in a candy store. My eyes dart back and forth, trying to stamp the images in my mind. Oh, and I’m also fascinated by the concept of people, cultures and their true identity. How is that even related?

Well in speaking of fascinating design, I’ve been bedazzled by the design of crystal gems lately (like many in the fashion world). I even went up to a lady at church after service just to tell her I really liked her crystal bracelet and ask where she bought it from. I had seen the sparkles from rows away. She took the bracelet off and put it on my wrist. Nice!
The way I see it, crystal gems are activated by light. When light hits the surface, it does a beautiful dance – a sparkling, shimmering, dance.
But put it in the dark, look as hard as you can and you’ll see NOTHING. No dancing going on in there.
It’s obvious that light is the catalyst to a crystal rock’s performance. Light validates the identity of crystal, no matter how clean, cut and polished.

I like to believe that we were made to be like precious stones. But if we’re not exposed to light, the light of Christ, there is no shimmer, shine, nor dance. Darkness keeps us hidden, with purpose unfulfilled.

If you don’t shimmer, shine or dance the way you know you should. Get activated and be exposed to His light. Literally, nothing comes before this. If you see people with no shine, see the crystal potential in them and expose them to the light. You just may be the one to bedazzle them.

Light is needed everywhere!
If you stood before a mirror, you would need the light to see your reflection.
To understand God’s Word, the eyes of your heart have to be enlightened by the Spirit of truth.

Identity is activated and validated by truth.


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  1. Marina St Cyr says:

    Wow Dami…this really ministered to me. I’ve lost some “reflection” and can now dig in in prayer to ask for some true “enlightenment” to shine for Christ with passion and purpose. I’ve been so consumed over the past few months with health that although I’ve been in the word and enjoy my studies I’ve been “dulled” I pray I come out of this cocoon vibrantly. Love your “love” for the Lord, thank you for the inspiration and the complete willingness to submit to the Spirit to bring GLORY.

  2. 'dami says:

    Hi Marina! Wow, thanks so much for sharing! I’m always honored to hear how God speaks to us, and how amazing it is when we hear. I pray all is well with your health? I didn’t realize that was going on. A friend said this to me last year “when God reveals. He delivers”. Meaning at that time, that no matter the issue and our present state of being, when God exposes our true condition to us, He provides the solution right along with it as we respond to Him. We cannot be trapped in just the knowledge of it.
    Yes I am in agreement with you… we will shine and reflect even brighter for His glory and recognition.

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