“I’d Like to give all thanks to the devil”


This is for “my people” whom I love. My fun, trendsetting, “church-raised”, culture re-birthing, country image fixing, young adults.

What if we said things as they really were without knowing it? Sometimes we hold events, shows that tolerate a majority of what God detests and even if we managed to keep it somewhat “clean”, what do we do with the issue of pride and self exaltation that usually remains? I think my last wake-up call was at a cultural event I attended to introduce Tribal Marks. The food was great and so was the dance performance. It opened up in prayer then built up and finished off with the filthiest comedian who also “gave thanks to God”. My fault, what am I doing here?! We could just as well not have prayed. At least there would be no confusion.

Yeah, yeah, we all know the joke we make about that particular explicit-lyrics only artist that gets an award and then “mouths” thanks to God. We laugh it off and shake our heads. But maybe  we sometimes feel better because at least there’s some kind of religious minded acknowledgment of God going on. But what if he said “I’d like to give all thanks to the Devil.”?

Please don’t give credit to God for trash. Even if it’s just one piece of litter.


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