Smoke the Weed


No, I don’t suggest you do drugs! What I do suggest is that you (and I) get rid of weeds in our lives. The things that intrude on your life… your worship, relationships, productivity, schedule, mental state of being… etc. Weeds are those things that grow right along with all the things that you produce in life- your garden. Notice I said, grow right along, perpetrating as a priority.

The problem is they usually look good- remember that random pretty sunflower-looking thing? So you might be tempted to leave it because it looks good. If it looked bad, it would be obvious to you or at least others around you that you should get rid of it. The issue is weeds aren’t planted on purpose. They are idle (a lack of productivity, or productivity without value). Idleness is repulsive to God. Anything done without purpose will eventually be burned up, counting for nothing. Okay so it’ll go away anyway? No. At least not until after it succeeds in choking up the things in your garden that should count forever.

Like Joyce Meyer said when asked how she keeps her priorities straight. “It’s just that… I keep my priorities straight by constantly looking them over and straightening them out”.


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