Id. Crisis! Can You Tell Me Who I Am?

Something or someone has always established your identity.

Think about it. How would we know what we looked like with our own eyes without a reflective or captive surface (mirror, picture, water, even words…)?
I know that messes with theories of finding ourSELF first or creating our OWN identity. But it’s really a matter of how we were designed to establish our identity.
And in the same way you can’t recognize yourself without a source; it is impossible to identify the true condition of your heart (the real you) without The Perfect Mirror, God’s Word. Truth Always.

God did not create us independent of Himself. Actually He created us in His Image, and this is Good! Our identity is revealed to us by God and we get to live as reflections. Otherwise, all we have to work with is a broken mirror. An Identity Crisis- with Satan himself who stole our identity rights through sin. God bought these rights back through His Son, Jesus the Christ, God as man, who took the punishment and death for our sin; resurrected and won the battle for all who would toss the counterfeit and come to Him for their real identity. Love.


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