Day 1: The Million Dollar Trip

Day 1, airport
We landed safely, thank God, and it was pouring. I forgot about the rainy season since I hadn’t been in one in ages. After passing through the relatively peaceful and long immigration line, there had to be that rude “this is the power trip opportunity to let u know that you are not worthy to be spoken to with intelligence just because you are coming from a foreign land and you need to know you are not better than me” type of officer who gave my Passport to someone else in the line. Ugh! Anyway, one has to develop compassion for such unhappy people. I am working on that- and I mean that respectfully. I’m still of the opinion that we should treat people honorably, and with good “customer” service and care. Others usually get jobs behind a desk and closed doors if they don’t like people…
I ran into a friend from California in the immigration line with whom I flew on the same plane and had no clue. That was cool! I knew I would run into someone I knew.
As I picked up the last of my long awaited luggage, a young lady in a half burka came to me asking for help and money. She had been deported from Cairo and couldn’t get home to Ibadan from the airport. I asked if she was telling the truth ( like she would say “yeah I’m a lair”, haha). Anyway, God and I agreed that everyday would count, and this was another love opportunity. Found some Naira (thank God) and passed on the million dollar tract. I told her it wasn’t real money, but the truth in the message was eternally real… Better than the Naira in her hand… It would show her the way to the real Home, come to think of it. Find those tracts here at  Living Waters -people could chase you down for it.
One of the airport workers passed by and said to her “oh good, you found a Good Samaritan”. It felt good to hear, though I know it was nothing near what the Good Samaritan did. But hey that was Day 1, first tract down, 500 to go.
After reuniting with family, eating to the brim and unpacking, I did get the strength to attend a brief prayer meeting with my sister and family. It was a great way to end the day.
Thoughts: Passing on the message of salvation through Christ is the least. but also the greatest thing we could form the habit of doing. Will you? Get some tips at

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