Day 2: The Singapore Experience

I finally woke up all puffy from jet-lag, to which the tailor who came to take my measurements bright and early insisted that I had the “tendency” to be “fat,” but I’m just hiding it. Um, okay?  The American in me was brewing, haha. This is quite amusing since my Mom had just lamented the day before from my recent Facebook profile picture wondering why I looked so “crayfish skinny” (It really  wasnt so bad. The picture somehow gave that impression, but I digress. This is the part of our outspoken culture that still irked me. Summing up a person you have never met in one minute and insisting with confidence on empty information is just not the way to win the heart of a would-be customer in this case. I was not about to argue. I really should be used to it: A lady once insisted I was too dark to be Nigerian; another said I would really look better with more chemicals in my hair; and another, that I really needed to add more padding in my bust area, instead of being content with my body. Ah-mazing. I won’t get into the topic of the complex that’s raging our society today.
But she did buy a Tribal Marks Inspired-T, along with quite a few others today, so I’m over it, haha!
Also, I think I found what I’ve been looking for right under my nose! I planned on looking for it deep in my hometown hours away, but a young friend in the house here may just be the social entrepreneurship partner link I need to source entrepreneurs for a new Tribal Marks product line straight from the land! More to come on that soon.
Moving on, Karingah! was in high demand, so the aunties and I had a little shake it up session, then off we went to get ready for a weekend get away at Badagry. BUT- change in plans ( you have to be pretty flexible in Naija-as we fondly call Nigeria). Our honorable guest, a Pastor from Sierra Leone with whom I enjoyed a great conversation came to visit. We discussed the change that needs to be taught, and experienced in the minds of our people for true transformation to take place (this is what I’m all about). We then took off to Oceanview in Victoria Island for a program held by a group called Apostles in the Marketplace. ‘Never heard of them before but the name speaks for itself and what they are up to is great- it totally resonated with my heart. They had a speaker, Dr. Victor Koh who shared the Singapore Experience with us. He went through the rags to riches transformation of the nation in only one generation (35 years). It was pretty in-depth and amazing. It gave a lot to think about in getting Nigeria on that path, though the statistics were daunting. But statistics always are with any challenge, to get us to quit before we start.
Dr. Koh has quite a number of functions in International Leadership organizations. He is involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, and  also has a love for Africa that I appreciate. I know what it feels like to have a love for other nations. The other cool thing is that  we’re actually neighbors. He lives in Diamond Bar, CA! I didn’t get a chance to speak with him because we had to leave early, but it was truly edifying.
I ended the day with some yummy Dodo. Thank God!

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