Day 4-5: Sold Out to Slavery and A Surprise Pun. Badagry, Lagos.

DAY 4: “The Surprise.” Whispering Palms, BadagryLagos. Though I wish they could have whispered to the would-be captives back then ‘Look out! The slave traders are here to trap you!’ –the Palm fronds really do whisper at you. Their tag line is “The Surprise,” and with no intended pun, I imagine it would have been more of a shock than a surprise when some of the victims discovered they were bartered out by a fellow tribesman for food or a nice little handy gun. I could not gather up the nerve to take the boat ride to where it actually all happened, called “The Point of No Return.” Enjoy the Day 5 story, gallery and more videos below.

To bring you up to speed, Badagry was a major trade location on the West Coast of Africa during the slave trade. My sister and brother-in-law took me for a few days to Whispering Palms, a resort located in Badagry along the lagoon with serenity, exotic fruits, food and historical relics. It was “The Surprise” indeed, hidden in the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t realize what a get-away it would be. Join me in my child-like fascination.

DAY 5: Pray, Eat…Love- Whispering Palms, Badagry, Lagos. And speaking of freedom (we’re always speaking of freedom) the day started with good devotions, prayer and talk- the freedom to commune with God freely.
With fruit from back in the days (Almond and Pitanga (spelling?) to coconut water straight from the source; while taking advantage of the menu to get all those dishes I’ve longed for for so long- this was a blast. Pepper soup, Fish and Chips, grilled Barracuda, Chapman, Dodo, Rice and Suya– yes, my mouth is still watering! I couldn’t keep up with my brother in law though. So I realized I had to actually just say no because his generosity, hospitality and appetite had no end, haha.
I was still fighting an extremely painful sore throat, cough cold and fever. It felt like fire going raging through my neck and chest and I got tired of sounding like a man. I can’t remember the last time I had Malaria, but this “felt” worse. I guess it had to run its full course. My Sleep hours were still off, but I LOVED it!
See more videos below.

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