Fight for FREEDOM 24/7!

Fight for FREEDOM 24/7. Sign the declaration, and bring it ON!

We are proud of you ladies! You signed the declaration and you are ON IT for the FIGHT FOR FREEDOM 24/7 Challenge!
And what good news to start the week with as we continue to pray and celebrate the rescue of 89 women from a brothel in India. (Rescue fueled by the Indian Rescue Mission and The Exodus Road).
The more you show up, the more is given; the more you see results, and more get set free. Bring it on!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joko' says:

    “…She opens her arms to the poor
        and extends her hands to the needy….” Proverbs 31:20
    Thanks for doing this and in turn creating an opportunity for us to do this too. God bless you.

  2. 'dami says:

    Thank you Joko!!! You amaze me 🙂 Lylas

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