You were made for love… THANK YOU.

“True love stories never have endings.” –Richard Bach

This was the quote contained in the take home gift from our Laaadies Night on Friday, September 6.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Our theme was “you were made for love,” and this wasn’t about romance, haha.
But the quote above was our appeal to the ladies. That the fun, freedom and wealth of knowledge they had just gained would continue with them as part of their lifestyle. The is just the beginning!
The evening began as ladies met and greeted (I always want to say met and gret, but this English language won’t permit me, haha). They fired up their appetites to some Quinoa and Chicken kabobs along with mint watermelon juice or infused water. As I said, Nabila put her foot in the juice and Shelly shared the nutritional riches of the Quinoa seed and the way she prepared hers. It was a hit! I never thought I would consider parting ways with rice, but Quinoa is the new grain (seed) of my life. All throughout the evening, the ladies waited their turn for some Thai Massage and stretch with Peht, who gave us samples of her amazing work. I must book my next appointment with her now. Congratulations to Megan, who won the raffle for a session with Peht!
For our theme, I explained That love means life. Your brain was created for love and anything outside of love is fear, which produces death through stress, anxiety, worry, unforgiveness and several other toxic emotions. It all happens through thinking and choosing. This was still news to many: You can control your thoughts.
So, on with the love theme, I explained that when I met Shelly, a nutritionist and Karingah! member who would be covering the evening on those topics, what struck me about her was that she explained so beautifully the process of what good food and nutrition can do for your body. It didn’t come with condemnation or disdain for where you were. She simply drew you in with that LOVE for good nutrition. She explained how she packaged her food or samples with LOVE and personal messages; and that resonated with me.
I also explained that when I met Tish, a trainer and now also a Barre instructor at Karingah!, she explained to me the process of relating with her clients in reaching their fitness goals. She needed to work with them from the inside out and carefully build and strengthen them with LOVE. This also struck a chord with me.
It came together with my studies of the Switch on Your Brain program with Dr.  Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist who teaches on neuroplasticity and the fact that the physical brain can be rewired. You were created ultimately to function out of LOVE and if that’s not where you are, she teaches that your DNA can be optimally restructured through the thought renewal process. Love is reinforced with healthy toxic-free thoughts which lead to healthy actions, but the key is your mind. Your thoughts are real, and they are the tool to a healthy or toxic brain.
We enjoyed ice breakers where the ladies got paired up according to clothing color, got to know each other through 5 questions and then got to take turns introducing their new friend to us all. The new partners then learned a karingah! partner dance routine culled from the West African Atilogwu dance, and performed to some Central African music. In just a few minutes, laughter and some sweat began to flow 🙂
Congratulations to Luwam and Lisa on each winning Two Weeks of Unlimited Classes at Karingah!
Jordan from American Laser Skincare shared a bit on their services along with some simple tips on skincare after giving away some major facial treatment raffle prizes. They really know how to take care of you!
Drum roll! Donna from A Purified Life followed up by just pouring into us, spirit, soul and body as she taught about the digestive system, optimizing your fitness goals, metabolism, hormonal balance, alkalinity and organic healing. She taught us about the function of the body and how it still all begins with the thought process. Oh! and how awful it is if you’re not moving those bowels soon after your meals. Yep! She went there! As she shared the benefits of detoxification and the “probiotics buzz” she highlighted our info. cards from the Switch on Your Brain 21-Day detox program. Yes, there is such a thing, and we had been waiting to properly introduce it to our lovely clients. The ladies hung on every word she shared, and they followed up with a lot of questions. When we discussed the secret behind that stubborn gut and what the solution was, I think we were all ready to book our appointments right then, haha! Donna was also generous with an Ionic Foot-bath cleanse raffle that was given away. Have you heard of those? Toxins out! You’ll never believe what your body could store for years.
Shelly blew our minds with information on food and it’s content. With generous healthy giveaways, she shared on green energy foods and Tish made us all some quick yummy samples. (I want some more right now). It was green and great! That recipe should be on it’s way. Shelly’s cakes were bought and gone at the snap of a finger! Now on to the high content of Sugar in several packaged foods. The little game on “guess how many teaspoons of sugar are in your coke” was fun and enough to reset the mind. Our lovely Jenny was the volunteer scooper. I was “done” after she poured the 10th teaspoon of sugar into a cup and Shelly told her to still keep scooping!!! I mean I cut out soda years ago, but the reminder was still jarring. She went up to 14…  Enough said.
We sampled another smoothie (Berry Amasai). A probiotic, antioxidant and protein mix of Amasai cultured dairy, scoops of Body by Vi Shape Mix (full nutrition in a meal) as well as mixed berries. It’s a part of our 3-day fat burning plan.
Ladies shopped the new “See you at the Barre” tank top collection and we wrapped up the evening with a Pearl Alliance video reminder on why we opened the doors: The fight for freedom… for our clients, and in a tangible way, for the women and children trapped in sex slavery. We went over why we see our clients as the kings and queens who are fostering the captives from a distance. (Our quote was from Isaiah 49:23a, 24-25).
It was a privilege to introduce friends present at the party who are actively engaged in the fight for Freedom. Michelle would be taking her next trip to SE Asia later in the year, working alongside one of our partners (Life Impact International) and our new friend, from East Africa has been educating us on persecution and trafficking in her region. She and her husband are kind, compassionate and bold, dedicated to the work over there.
We always have information about our partners for anyone who wants to know more.
The only thing we missed out on for the evening was the “take home Power Barre”-a lift, tighten and sculpt fat zapper we wanted to teach. We may have to look into sharing this on video. The night had flown by and we had a blast!
The feedback from the ladies about the impact the evening had on their lives has been overwhelming, and we’re excited for the transformation to follow!
Paul, a great apostle from the Early Church said to owe no man nothing but to love him. I am beyond indebted to the wonderful new friends (and of course the old) I’ve made during this karingah! process. Some have bent (literally and otherwise) backwards and taken ownership of ME. Not just karingah!, me! I am so grateful. Others have been a great God- breathed breath of encouragement at the exact right time.
To our clients and all who attended, I really appreciate you! For the ladies working on the Ladies Night, Tish and Nabila, you amaze and strengthen me- a dream come true. Shelly your labor of love is priceless. Donna you INSPIRE me. Jen and Jordan, you motivated me. Peht, you impressed me! Selina, you remind me with your faithfulness. Aunty Yemi, you reinforce and support me. I’m still growing up to be like you 🙂

…In front of “The Perfect Mirror”


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