No Choice? You Still Have to Choose…

During yesterday’s class we talked about choices. In history we may have been through times when it appeared we had no choice (but we could choose our attitude). Now it may appear we have too many choices. But we still have to choose. Choose in line with truth and the things that have eternal value.

And speaking of History, today we still have about 27 million estimated to be in slavery throughout the world – in these modern times when many think slavery is no longer an issue. A majority are women and children, forced into the sex trade and labor, some “servicing” up to 40 clients a day. I wonder what choices they have to make daily? Perhaps the choice to still live, in hope of rescue?
Abolitionists are men and women (in captivity or free) who knew the value of freedom and were discontent enough to fight captivity. Those that were free weren’t satisfied because others were not. They gave up their comfort, some sort of freedom, or even their lives to fight for the freedom of others (known or unknown), because freedom in itself has a spirit, a person, and is a cause worth fighting for.

So what else are you doing with the freedom you have today? Perhaps the captivity of another disturbs you? Is there an abolitionist in you?

There are a few ways you could choose to help. There is a lot of rescue work being done through The Exodus Road. Find out how you can raise awareness, fund a raid, or even create your own Search and Rescue team team. It’s actually simpler than you think.
Also join us for Passion Barre or dance fitness classes at Karingah! if you’re in the Rancho Cucamonga area of Southern California. It’s our first location in launching the Fit-for-Free program. Your every attendance counts as a freedom point, and Karingah! matches your points with money that goes to our partners for the continued work of rescue.


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