Containers Too

Unless you’re like me who loves interesting bottles even when they’re empty, or even frames with no pictures in them – We typically describe these things by what’s in them. A bottle of what? It’s not enough to just say a pretty or ugly bottle. And if it’s empty we’ll specify that it is so.

But with people why do we assess (or even judge) with external descriptions whether physical or behavioral? I find God emphasizes the important. He could have first said “…as a man looks/acts, so is he.” But He said “…as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Does he address behavior? Yes, but afterwards.

True, I can’t always read another one’s thoughts, but I’ve learned that the outflow of my life in attitude, words and eventually actions come from the meditations of my heart. No need to be deceived any longer. What you look like and what you do lead to identity, but first, what do you think?

There’s more – we’re containers too.

In front of “The Perfect Mirror”


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