Mind Shifts and Games

I’m just going to get right into it. There’s a major difference between a game and war. But sometimes I feel as though we, as children of God, treat our battles like games.
Winning is the objective on both ends, however the attitude towards your opponent must be completely different. Your attitude will affect how you respond, how you react and what you put up with. One, no matter how competitive, is still entertainment (that’s why they call it PLAYING games), while the other is a matter of ruling in life and death.
Now, we FIGHT from a standpoint of victory – That is fantastic news that was revealed to me some time ago. However, know who the real enemy is! Games and competitions are scheduled with rules and such- But he devil is viciously wicked and wages  unannounced, unscheduled, attacks. This is not to scare anyone – That’s just what he does. He’s not cartoonish and his tricks are not like the fun game-like tricks. Tricks in this context mean deceit and full blown lies, even if religiously/traditionally/culturally coated with scriptures.
See, my rant got fanned to flame when I recently read in a book that you don’t have to be mean to anyone in order for them to be mean to you. The devil casts lies and accusations and projects himself on God’s children, sending them into introspection, rather than to Jesus their propitiation. But that’s another discussion for another day.
Turn on your switch and put up Jesus, your banner. Subject the enemy to the Power that is in you in Christ, and deal violently, ruthlessly and directly with him in the Spirit and in your mind, and speak over your territory. Don’t get disillusioned by whatever form he takes or whatever situation or person he uses. Grab a hold of your Kingdom authority and be about your Father’s business.
Check out the series, Military Mentality by Mike Keyes for reference. I wasn’t half as aware when I listened to the series years ago. Time to brush up!!!
…The Kingdom of God suffers violence (forcefully advancing) and the VIOLENT take it by FORCE!
Matthew 11:12 emphasis, mine
Unleash your freedom.

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