Tribal Marks

Ayo (Joy) in Yoruba. Galatians 5:22-23. A lasting inner disposition of pleasure and elation… a piece of evidence… of the Spirit of God.

…In Front of The Mirror

You may notice I speak about “Tribal Marks” a lot.
Tribal Marks is a creative outreach and lifestyle brand. It came together as one brand for just a few creative catalysts I’m passionate about: life, people, design, dance, mentoring, performing arts, music, education, law, travel, multiculturalism and words… in some particular order…
Nothing, however, inspires me more than The Perfect Mirror (the spoken and revealed Word from God) which has radically transformed my life and that of so many I’ve had the privilege of meeting.
Taking a survey of what else was out there influencing people, it became pretty clear that right along with the lawmakers of the land, the art and media industry also has its share in shaping the mind of society for better or worse.
I was convinced that our brand community with creativity in “Mirror-Perfect” truth has a unique opportunity to leave an eternal mark… and we will.

With a sincere desire to connect in truth,

identity. truth. culture


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