shake it up
karingah!: Laughter, Pilates, Afri-Caribbean, Latin America and Middle Eastern styles meet to create this cardio dance explosion

Fit-for-Free launches this fall!

How does it work? Just SIGN UP for Karingah! and SHOW UP.

You know  how it goes… you get motivated, you sign up for the gym or a class, hey it’s a date! But when that date shows up at the door, it comes without the much needed third wheel- motivation. Well, have I got some motivation for you. I want you healthy and free; plus, I really want millions of women and children free from total slavery- human trafficking.

By SHOWING UP, you build FREEDOM POINTS. Tribal Marks and Karingah! will match and convert freedom points to dollars. Think about it… every student, every class, year round!

This goes to our allies to help pay the price of Freedom- preventing, rescuing and restoring lives from human trafficking. Let’s do it!


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